The best way to hook a minnow

How To Hook A Minnow
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Minnows can be a fantastic bait when trying to catch fish, they are small and can be used either dead or alive with varying degrees of success.

The size of minnows you use will depend on what type of fishing you want to do, if you want to catch big fish then go for bigger minnows, but if you just want to catch smaller ones then go for smaller.

In this article, we will explore the intricacies in hooking a minnow to use for bait and the different ways you can do so.

Hooking Your Minnow

You should learn how to hook your minnows correctly so you can catch more fish.

Through The Lip Hook

It should be hooked through their lower and upper lips. Hooking them through their lips prevents them from drawing water into their gills, and also makes it harder for them to swim.

Dorsal Hook

Minnows are fish that are easy to catch. You should use this technique when you want to catch them quickly. When you hook the minnow through its back, you’ll help it stay alive longer. Don’t poke too deep into its body or you might kill it.

Trick Hook

This next method might be a little tricky to do, but it will ensure that your minnow doesn’t fall off when casting repeatedly or fishing in moving water. I know I’ve already said that you should keep your minnow alive as long as possible, so this next method might seem a little odd, but if you want to fish in fast-moving water, a dead minnow performs just as well as a living one.

This technique requires a minnow with a very thin body. Threading the line through the minnow and tying the hook to the line is easy. Pulling the hook back through its belly is so easy. However, these techniques require a minnow with a thin body. Minnows with thick bodies can be difficult to fish with.

Hooking Live Minnows

Minnows are a major source of fish’s diets. They’re also easy to catch when you use this rod and reel combo. You’ll be able to catch them easily under the ice. Minnows are usually caught by using a tip-up technique.

Minnows should be hooked correctly. Hooking them in the wrong place could damage the minnow. Hooks should be placed near the head of the minnow. Hooking them in other places could cause the minnow to get stuck.

When fishing for bass, you need to know how deep your bait needs to be to catch them. You should place your bait about 8 to 10 inches below the surface. This allows your bait to sink slowly and naturally.

We like to use tail-hooking techniques when we’re fishing for minnows. We prefer to catch them by tail-hooking because it’s easier than using a dorsal hook. We like to use this technique when we’re fishing for stationary presentations on the bottoms. We also like to use it when we need more gut hooks.

To catch fish, you need to use a heavyweight. You should be careful not to damage the fish by inserting your hook too far into the body. Also, make sure you’re not pulling up on the line when you pull the fish toward you.

Minnows are small fish that are easy to catch. If you’re not catching any fish, try using a smaller minnow or a different place to set the hook. Fish usually eat minnows head-first, so if you want to be sure you get a bite, wait until the minnow has finished eating. When fishing for larger fish, use a bigger minnow or a longer rod.

When rigging up a live minnow, use a lead or tungsten live bait jig. Make sure it’s rigged properly. Sluggish minnows need subtle jigging.

To secure a live minnow, you should put the hook through the bottom lip and then the top lip. Minnows are fragile fish, so if you hook them through the top lip, they’ll die quickly. You can extend their lives by only hooking the top lip.

Lip-hooks put lures in the path of fish. Fish that bite headfirst usually feel the hook before they strike. Spooky fish sometimes get spooked by a lure. A flashy spoon attracts more fish than a plain old spoon. A rattling bait draws more fish than a plain jig.

When you use live bait, you’re more likely to catch fish. Artificial lures don’t work very well when fishing, because there’s no life-like presentation. Live baits do attract fish, and they also look real.

Minnows are small fish that are used as bait. A hook should be placed through both lips of a minnow to catch them. To check if the lure is working correctly, you must check the lure at the surface.

Hooking Dead Minnows

You can use a variety of methods to kill minnows for use as bait later on. The most popular method is to use a minnow trap. You can buy these traps online.

The first step to using a minnow trap is to find an area where minnows congregate. Then, you attach the minnow trap to the water. Minnows will swim over the trap and fall inside. You can use a minnow trap with minnows that have been frozen.

Minnow traps are designed to hold minnows alive but you can easily dry them out for use later. 

Best types of live Minnows

Best types of live minnows

Tyger Leader is reader-supported and may earn a commission when you book or purchase using our links. Learn more about our affiliate disclaimer here.

This all depends on the type of fish that you are trying to catch… You should use them depending on the type of fish you want to catch. For example, if you want to catch bass, you should use a minnow that resembles a worm or insect.

Do You Have To Use A Bobber With Minnows?

Anglers should use a bobber when casting with minnows. A bobber is an essential tool for shallow fishing with minnows. Practice your technique by using a bobber, hook and bobber stopper, and split shot.

Minnows are small and very easy to catch. You should use them when fishing in deeper waters. Use a sinker to prevent your bait from being pulled down by the current. A fish finder is useful to know exactly where you need to cast your bait.

A free line technique is not suitable for beginners because it requires advanced skills. I recommend using a bobber set-up and choosing the appropriate location. For bass, crappie or catfish, a bobber setup is great.


Minnows make excellent bait and can be used dead or alive to catch other fish. Minnows will be more useful as bait as when they are in the water they will get the other fishes’ attention by moving around. But if you use a dead minnow as bait, it will still be effective.

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