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Can you ever know too much about the art of fishing? I don’t think so. I picked up my fishing rod almost 15 years ago now and I’m still finding things I don’t know the answer to! That’s the beauty of this sport – you never stop learning and evolving.

Having said that, throughout my 15 years of fishing, I feel as though I’ve learned a fair bit about it. Fresher fishermen are always coming up to me on the lake asking for advice when they see my bounty.

This is what spurred my interest in creating Tyger Leader – my name is Jacob Beasley and I want to be a leader for young fishermen who need their questions answered.While I don’t mind having people walk up to me and ask me about fishing, it does violate an unspoken rule of fishing – leave each other alone. You might scare off my fish by walking over to me!

Also, I wanted to create a single space where newbies could come and read up for hours so that they head to their fishing spot confident and ready. You don’t want to be hovering over your phone all day trying to get answers to your questions.

So, stay and learn for a while. I hope that by the next time you go fishing, something you read on Tyger Leader will be of use.

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