How To Attach Wire Leader To Fishing Line

How To Tie Fishing Line To Reel
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How To Attach Wire Leader To Fishing Line, you might be new to angling, and if you are, one of your first challenges is to tie your line to your reel. Once you have perfected this, however, your angling life will be a doddle. 

Yet, learning how to do it will take some practice. One of the first things you need to consider is all the different reels and lines you can get, as there are many options.  

Make sure you know what reel and line you are intending on using. Different set-ups will work better for different types of fishing activity, so choose the right one first. 

One of the most common set-ups is arbor lines, but we will get onto knowing about your lines and reels soon, so stay tuned. 

No matter what you are doing, if you are starting up, if you need to restring, your line is getting a bit tatty, or if you bought a new reel, or even a whole new set-up, you need to understand the basic technique at hand. 

So, before we get into all the different types you need to consider, let’s get started with a simple step-by-step guide! 

Steps To Tying How To Attach Wire Leader To Fishing Line.

Let’s get started with some super easy steps to tying How To Attach Wire Leader To Fishing Line to your reel and how you can tie your fishing knots. 

But, first, a shopping list. Make sure you have the following; 

  • Scissors.
  • Your fishing line spool.
  • Your fishing rod (we will use a spinning rod for this example).
  • Your fishing reel (again, we will use a spinning reel for this example).

Now onto what you need to do. 

  1. Now, you will need to attach your reel and your rod together. Place your reels foot into the seat and screw it down until it is nice, tight, and secure. Never have a loose reel as it will likely cause some damage. 
  2. Slide the tip of your line through the immediate guide on your rod. 
  3. Prepare yourself to tie a knot. Open up the arm and use a knot to tie it in. It is best recommended for you to use an arbor knot or a uni knot when you use fluorocarbon lines or monofilament lines. However, you could also use an overhand knot, but the choice is up to you. 

Know Your Knots 

How To Attach Wire Leader To Fishing Line

Tyger Leader is reader-supported and may earn a commission when you book or purchase using our links. Learn more about our affiliate disclaimer here.

Since we were talking about knots, let’s get to know how to attach wire leader to fishing Line. Starting with an arbor knot, which is most likely the knot you will use. 

Let’s walk you through this.

  1. To start, wrap your line around the spool with the end.
  2. Now use the end of your line to tie a super simple overhead knot around the standing end of this line.
  3. Then using the end again, tie another overhand knot around an inch or so from where you made the first knot.
  4. Now, pull the standing part of this line so that the second knot you tied slides down to the first one.
  5. Now you are all done, you just need to trim the tag end with those scissors!

For a uni knot, do the following; 

  1. Once you have threaded your line, create a ‘6’ shape over the line.
  2. Twist the end through the whole multiple times to create a screw-like look, going around 7-8 times should be sufficient.
  3. Now, pull down the line to tighten.
  4. Then pull your line back, so your knot sits tightly at the end.

To tie a double overhand stopper knot (another option for you, do the following; 

  1. First of all, tie a loop knot, shaped like a pretzel.
  2. Wrap the end of the line around as if you are twisting the line around itself.
  3. Then pull to close.
  4. Once your line is tied to the spool, close your bail. Do not forget to pull your line through your entire reel until there is only 1/8th of an inch between the line and the end of your spool.

Know Your Line Options 

We have looked through knots, now it is time to look through your attach wire leader to fishing line

There are two main options, although there are more, these two are the most popular. 


Monofilament has some true strengths, it stretches well, and is more flexible than fluorocarbon, it also has a thick diameter which means it may be useful in certain types of fishing. It also sinks faster and is easier to tint. 

That being said, it’s ability to stretch can be bad as it makes it harder to detect when you have a bite. It is also not as strong as fluorocarbon. One of its biggest downfalls is that if it is exposed to UV light for too long it will weaken it, but it will take a very long time for it to truly do damage. 


Fluorocarbon seems to be the favorite. It is highly sensitive, has low visibility, is stronger-thus allowing you to catch bigger fish, and it is more resistant to abrasion. It is also waterproof too, in opposition to monofilament which absorbs water. 

However, fluorocarbon is a bit stiffer so tying knots with this line is not as easy. It also has a lower shock strength and sinks way faster than monofilament which can be useless for some fishing styles. 

Things You Will Need

Tying a fishing line to a reel is not rocket science, however, it will take you some time to perfect your technique.

It all depends on you, what type of fishing you are doing, what bait you are after, the spool, reel, and line type you are using for your angling. 

Whatever the case, it is worthwhile learning all of the different types of knot you can use, so, if you end up switching the equipment you use for your fishing ventures, you will already be well versed, and won’t have to learn to walk the ropes again. 

Final Thoughts

And there you have it, how to tie a fishing line to a reel. Be sure to use our steps, but check with any instructions that come with your line or reel to ensure you are attaching it correctly.

It’s worth remembering that fishing should be fun, and a learning experience.

You won’t always be successful for how to attach wire leader to fishing Line, but fishing is not about success, not for most, for most it is a sport that brings us joy and gets out in the fresh air.

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