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How To Tie A Drop Shot
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Using a drop shot technique set-up is, without a doubt, one of the most popular techniques used in bass fishing, however, this technique was actually one that was developed by saltwater fishermen.

This is a technique that was then introduced to the world of bass fishing, and it gained favor quickly.

The weight will be dropped to the bottom and shaken to gain the attention of the fish. For this to be most successful, many will recommend using a light line and a spinning set up. 

We recommend you use this technique if you have a penchant for bass fishing, as it will seriously up your fishing game, and will give you a one-up on the fish thanks to the technique. 

One of the things you need to learn when you are looking to start bass fishing with a drop-shot set-up is how to tie a drop shot knot.

So, how do you learn this? 

We will help. 

Tying A Drop Shot Technique Knot

In order to be able to set up your drop shot rig when you are freshwater fishing for bass, be they large mouth, small mouth, or otherwise, you will need to know how to tie a drop shot knot. 

This is not too difficult, and a little practice goes a long way, so, we have put together a handy step-by-step guide for you on how you can tie a drop-shot knot. 


In order to set up your drop shot right with a drop shot knot, we have provided you with this step-by-step guide. 

  1. Start off by tying a different type of knot – a Palomar knot – with a very long tag end. You will want to double on 12 to 30 inches or so of the line, how long depends on how high you want to keep the bait from the bottom of the water body in which you are fishing. 
    Then pass the end loop through the hook’s eye. 
  2. Next, you will need to tie a very loose overhand knot, keeping the hook hanging from the base of the loop you have made. 
  3. Now, as you hold the overhand knot between your forefinger and thumb, pass the loop’s end over the hook and slide the loop above the hook’s eye.
  4. Once you have done this, pull on both the standing line and the tag end in order to tighten this knot down onto the hook eye. Then, from above, feed the tag end through the hook eye.
  5. Finally, attach a weight to the end of your line, from whatever desired distance you have from the trim tag and hook. Then attach the bait to your hook. You are done! 

In order to be able to tie a drop shot knot, you do need to be fairly well versed in how to tie other types of knots.

So, if you are starting out fishing, and are not familiar with any of the aforementioned knots, we highly recommend learning them. 

In many cases, it can be highly beneficial to become well versed in many types of knots when you take up fishing as a hobby, pastime, or career, as any knot could become useful at some point. 

When You Should Use a Drop Shot Knot

The drop shot knot is best used for the drop shot rig when you are fishing for bass, largemouth or smallmouth bass, in a variety of different situations. 

However, this technique in particular is most beneficial when you are fishing for fish that are suspended in clear and deep waters. 

If your passion is in bass fishing, then this is a knot you will need to know, as it is probably one of the most essential knots you will need to learn when you are bass fishing. 

Thinking About Rods & Reels

Since we are here, thinking about bass fishing and all its components that are necessary, you need to know more than just the knot.

Knowing how to tie a drop shot knot is one of the most important factors of bass fishing, but a drop shot knot alone won’t hook you a bass. 

So, while we have you here, let’s briefly talk about everything else you will absolutely need to hook yourself a bass. 

Drop Shot Lines

Drop Shot Lines

Tyger Leader is reader-supported and may earn a commission when you book or purchase using our links. Learn more about our affiliate disclaimer here.

Having a good line is just as significant. Some types of line will tie easier than others, and since a drop shot rig is something of a finesse technique, you will want a light line with low visibility. 

We would recommend fluorocarbon at around 6-8lbs, or perhaps an even lighter braided line with 2ft fluorocarbon. 


A good hook will be significant when fishing for bass. You will want a drop shot or split shot hook, size 1 is best. 

There are plenty of effective drop shot hooks you can choose, and these are best for hooking baits for a natural motion.


A drop shot weight is your best bet, these will usually be equipped with a crimped swivel, and you may want to begin with a weight from ⅛ to ¼ oz, however you can also use heavier options at times too.


Deciding a good bait is up to you, you may want to start with a realistic minnow, as these are typically a good option for bass fishing, but the choice is really yours. 

To Conclude

Drop shot rigs are the most common set up used in bass fishing. Tying a good drop shot knot is an important part of this set up, and so you want to make sure that you do it right. 

If you do not already know these knots well get some practice, and research knots so that you are ready and well practiced when the time comes. 

It is not hard to do, and once you have got some practice in, you will soon be a drop shot knot pro. 

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