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Best Bottom Feeders

The term bottom feeder doesn’t sound very pleasant, in fact, bottom feeders sound like some sort of deep-sea creatures that have never seen the light of day. However, when it comes to the fish kingdom, these creatures are imperative to maintaining the underwater ecosystem. There’s a general thought that bottom feeders scurry along the bottom …

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Best chum make for

Fishing with chum is a popular practice if you are looking to attract predatory fish. Known as “chumming”, the use of chum involves utilizing various ground-up fish parts and using them as bait to attract other fish, such as large game fish.  Chum can attract smaller fish, but the amount of blood and oil that …

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what minnows eat

Minnows are small fish that are primarily found in freshwater sources. If you’re curious to discover the diet of a minnow, you’re in the right place. In this article, I will cover the various foods that minnows eat, as well as some key information about minnows in captivity and the wild. Let’s get into it. …

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